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Deluxe is a skate company that solely focuses on producing the highest performance bushings in the industry. With complete attention on one product, Deluxe has become an innovative force that riders of all skill levels cannot help but praise. The bushings are designed to be stiffer for more resistance while riding. Deluxe packages two cone and two barrel bushings in various colours to choose from. Cone and barrel are the most common combination of bushings skaters use because of their versatility. The bottom bushing is barrel shaped, which allows it to fit securely into the bushing seat. The conical top bushing creates deck lean and easy transitions between riding styles. 

These 99a Deluxe Bushings Supercush BLACK Skateboard Bushings - 99a will keep your skateboard trucks flexible and adaptable. Made by Deluxe from high-quality materials, they provide flexibility and easy adaptability for your skateboard trucks. The typical skateboard truck has two bushings on each truck, one that keeps the truck springy for easy turns and a smaller one beneath the kingpin that is easily tightened or loosened to adapt to your style. Tighter trucks work best for mastering tricks while looser trucks are best for carving down the street. Deluxe Bushings Supercush BLACK Skateboard Bushings - 99a give you the best ride every time - hands down! Be sure to change your bushings frequently in order to keep your skateboard responsive to your personal skateboarding style.


  • One (1) Deluxe Bushings Supercush BLACK Skateboard Bushings - 99a from Deluxe
  • Hardness: 99a
  • Colour: BLACK
  • Keep skateboard trucks flexible and adaptable 
  • Made from high-quality materials and built to last